Display Your Cutlery with Confidence.

Powerful.  Beautiful. 

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The wooDsom Original crafted from beautiful North American and exotic hardwoods.


The wooDsom Classic with a magnetic back for secure mounting to refrigerator.


Twice the holding power for maritime, travel, and commercial applications.


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American treasures crafted from old-growth wood, rescued after more than a century.

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Rugged live-edge magnetic knife holders in limited editions with a country flair.

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Special finds crafted exclusively for the water front home.


More than 25,000 cooks trust wooDsom when displaying their fine cutlery.  We understand what it's like to feel unprepared with tools out of sight - just when you're serving the people you care about.  Having your trusted kitchen tools on full display and within arm's reach brings a heightened level of confidence to both the master chef and beginner cook.  wooDsom Magnetic Knife Holders, made in the USA, embody a powerful design that hold all your best cutlery while protecting their fine edges. Crafted from a variety of wood types, sure to be pleasing to the eye.  Now available in the American History Collection, the wooDsom Classic, Beachfront, and the ever-popular Rustic Family of unique wooden knife strips.

Organize your kitchen...  with confidence. 

All About Us

What Is wooDsom?

We are craftsmen that put flair and confidence into your life with products you will treasure. 

At wooDsom, we have a passion for crafting best-performance home goods for people that value function matched with beauty. Our craftsman carefully make each product in Minnesota, USA. 

We enjoy hearing from our customers and would love to know if there is

something special we can do for you.


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