The wooDsom Classic

An original design, crafted from a variety of select American and Exotic hardwoods.  It is produced with optimum holding power that does not deplete over time. Mounted through the face, it will not jiggle after years of use.  All wooDsom Magnetic Knife Holders incorporate these features to ensure optimum performance in 10 beautiful wood types. 

       1.  Choose a wood that compliments your decor. 

       2.  Measure your space. 

       3. Order items that fit.  (see dimensions)

The wooDsom Classic is available in sizes from 8" to 36" long.  It is supplied with hardware to mount to drywall.  It is not recommended to mount the Classic vertically.  The Double Strength is best for a vertical mount. 

Order optional matching spacer bar to install the knife holder further from the wall if desired.