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Specialty Pegs

wooDsom's specialty pegs are designed for hanging non-magnetic items on the face of your Knife Holder. 


Our wooden pegs are crafted from the same species as your knife strip.  These have a strong neodymium magnet on the back to adhere securely to the face of a wooDsom knife bar.  Will fit in a 3/8" hole, and hold an object up to 2 lbs.  


Metal Nail Heads are nail fasteners upside down!.  They make the perfect pin to hold paper or small non-magnetic objects on the face of a knife holder.  Crafted from large nails, cut to 1 1/8" long, then tumbled and coated for appearance and protection.  Used where light objects are to be held on the knife bar and moved around frequently.

Nail Heads bunch.JPG
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