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Family Business – A Different Perspective

Running a niche family business presents its own set of unique challenges that don’t appear in a traditional work setting. The first and most obvious is that all employees are relatives. There are positives and drawbacks, most of which are positive. One of the main differences that no one ever mentioned, is the new family business has ready employees, even willing employees - with absolutely no village knowledge applicable to the business. In a corporate setting, 'village knowledge' is embodied in its employees, forming a basis from which customers are served. It’s a springboard that continuous improvement is built upon, having been in place, often for decades.

How does one transfer 35 years of manufacturing and customer service experience to an entire group with none? Quickly is the only answer. Every interaction, every work activity, even discussions over a meal have had to involve educating, teaching, training, and instructing every family member. A rapid transfer of knowledge in the principles of quality, customer expectations, and unparalleled story-worthy service were paramount to success. Very quickly, our business developed a depth of understanding of those things. ‘Village knowledge’, not to mention work instructions, inspection procedures, and all the critical components that make a craftsman-based manufacturing operation work. More importantly, as a company, we understand what a customer wants in a magnetic knife holder and can custom-serve to a specific need, fast. Just one of the advantages of a niche family business; our family serving yours.

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