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Fridge Mount Knife Holder for the Wall

Fridge Mounted Magnetic Knife Bar

Magnetic knife holders should mount almost anywhere. Just when you thought the side of your fridge was the best place to display your cutlery - life happens, and you've had to move. Your new space doesn't offer a convenient refrigerator surface for fridge mount magnetic knife holder. No worries. All of wooDsom Classic Fridge Mount knife holders have wood plugs installed over screw holes on each end. They provide a charming appearance of a permanent attachment to that metal surface. But now you want it on the wall. Pull the knife holder off the fridge, gently tap the plugs out from the back side, and you've got mounting holes to attach your knife bar to a wall or cabinet. Tap those nifty little plugs back in to cover up the screws you've used. Now your knife holder is exactly where you want it. Again.

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