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Magnetic Knife Holder for the Refrigerator

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Permanently mounting a wood magnetic knife strip to the wall is not always the preferred solution to getting your knives off the counter top or out of a drawer. Perhaps the side of your refrigerator is the perfect spot for storing your knives. In same cases (renters in particular), putting a hole in the wall is simply not an option.

A fridge mount knife holder is the perfect solution when wall space is limited. With a magnetic backing, the wooden knife bar stays put against any steel surface without scratching. All of wooDsom's Classic wood knife holders are available in a magnetic-mount version for the fridge. Choose the color and size you prefer. Also, Double-Strength knife bars are available for fridge-mount in longer lengths than Classic. Either way, display your knives beautifully, right where you want them.

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