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Caring for Your Knife Bar

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It is a good idea to re-apply butcher block oil (also known as mineral oil) to your knife holder on occasion to keep the wood resilient.  You can clean it with light soap and water, but be sure to apply oil immediately after it dries.  

Black Marks on Knife Holder.jpg

Why are there black stains on my knife holder?

Knives with a high iron content that have not developed a patina will produce a black stain on wood, even if thoroughly dried.  The knife in this picture caused all the stains seen.  The black smudge will not necessarily take the shape of the knife in question.  Only use the knife holder for cutlery that has a stainless finish.

Fortunately, these types of stains are relatively shallow.  Yet, to correct the problem, your knife bar will need to be sanded with 320 grit sandpaper to remove them. This is best done with a drum sander or orbital sander on the entire surface.  This can be done at  the wooDsom factory if you choose.  A refurbishment fee applies.  Your knife holder will be returned in its best condition with a new mounting kit.

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