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Make Your Perfect Match - Knife Holder

There are virtually no limits to what wood you wish a magnetic knife holder to be made from. Have a nostalgic piece from the farmhouse you grew up in? A unique find of driftwood discovered on your last vacation? Or perhaps, an historic piece of lumber that has a special place in your heart? At wooDsom, we convert your select piece of wood into a functional, beautiful, magnetic knife holder that is perfect for you. Perfect, because it was chosen by you.

Hemlock cabinetry with matching hemlock magnetic knife holder

This customer wanted a magnetic knife bar that was an exceptional match for hemlock cabinets they had under construction. Their cabinetmaker supplied them with a piece of lumber to their size and liking which they supplied to wooDsom. Once completed, it would blend perfectly with the stunning hemlock that graces their kitchen. The result is a magnetic knife holder of the same lumber and same finish, in harmony with the cabinetry it was made for.

Hemlock knife bar on hemlock cabinet

Display your knives on a holder that is perfect for you. The most perfect knife bar is one constructed from a special piece you have chosen. It can be made in the Classic, or the more powerful Double Strength version, depending on the performance you're looking for. Go to Under Knife Bars, choose Custom Order. Tell us about your perfect match.

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