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The Spruce Eats knife holder test results

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Popular food & recipe website, The Spruce Eats reported wooDsom Knife Bars to be their top choice of magnetic knife holders for design and quality.

Here's an excerpt of their methods of testing and what they found:

How We Tested

After researching magnetic knife holders of all sizes and designs, we sent nine top picks to our experienced home testers to evaluate side by side. Each knife holder was installed according to the instructions, and knives of all types were hung.

We Observed

Certain materials are easier to clean: Depending on where you install your knife holders, they may be susceptible to messes from grease splatters or dust build-up. Different surfaces, like stainless steel, can be easier to wipe down and sanitize if necessary. We splashed tomato sauce on the knife holders and used a microfiber towel to clean the surface and get into small indentations to assess the ease of cleaning.

It's important to measure your space before choosing a knife holder: We looked at different options that made it easy to choose the one that would fit your space and knife collection best. Extra points were awarded to customizable knife holders that were available in several sizes and lengths.

Safety features are non-negotiable: Since you can never be too safe when it comes to knives, we asked ourselves if it felt safe and secure while removing and replacing items on the holders multiple times. We also looked for additional features like plastic caps covering the screws and rounded corners.

We Rated

  • Design: Considering a magnetic knife strip or block can be a focus point for your kitchen wall or counter, it needs to look good. We highlighted attractive designs with unique shapes and materials.

  • Magnet Strength: We noted whether we were able to hang a variety of different instruments, like smaller kitchen shears and heavier cleaver knives. During the testing period, we looked at how long the knives stayed put on the magnetic strip, removing and replacing them often.

  • Durability: Every time we removed a knife, we noticed whether the metal strip wobbled or felt otherwise unstable with both small and large knives. We also focused on sturdy, long-lasting materials like stainless steel and hardwood.

  • Ease of Installation: We looked for knife holders that required simple tools for installation, such as a basic drill and a screwdriver. Likewise, we highlighted products that came with simple instructions available in print and on video.

  • Overall Value: In our tests, we counted how many knives and kitchen tools, such as kitchen shears and honing steels, fit on each knife holder. We also noted any "dead zones" on the holders where the magnet strength was weak or nonexistent.

About Our Testers

  • Renu Dhar, a personal chef, culinary instructor, and food blogger, has over 10 years of food publishing experience. She tested seven out of the eight magnetic knife holders on this list in her own kitchen.

  • Rachel Knecht, a food writer, recipe developer, and former head baker based in Seattle, tested the Material Knife Stand. She also teaches children's baking classes and founded her own food blog, Baking with Rachel, in 2017.

Final Verdict

The wooDsom Customized Magnetic Knife Strip is our top choice because of its design and quality and the fact that you have so many options when it comes to size and material.

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